Student Life

Students in the Department of Civil Engineering enjoy a dynamic and intellectually engaging teaching and research environment with a strong commitment to promoting an inclusive learning environment, a social atmosphere created by an international mix of students who have diverse interests, and the immense benefits of living in the downtown core of one of the world’s most multi-culturally rich cities – Toronto.

Whether in the classroom, around campus, or in the field, the Department encourages and helps students to discover and develop their unique gifts and opportunities through a variety of academic, professional and social development activities. Our students have established records of accomplishment in a number of National and International Student’s competitions including the Concrete Canoe Competition, Concrete Toboggan competition, American Concrete Institute Competitions, Trotsky Popsicle Bridge Building Competition, and Steel Bridge Building Competition.

In addition to the university-wide student clubs and societies, Civil Engineering students can also join departmental student societies such as: