Specialization in Management Sciences

This optional specialization, offered to students who have completed their first year courses with a clear standing, is designed to provide the students with a solid foundation in management sciences courses that are specifically tailored to better prepare the students for a career in engineering or applied science management, or for graduate studies in management related specialization.

The option consists of a total of six additional courses that the students take on top of their normal program courses. The courses consist of four core/required courses and two electives to be chosen from a list of five available courses. All nine courses (4 core and 5 electives) will be offered in any given year over the Spring/Summer terms, according to the attached scheduling model. This will allow the students to tailor a timetable that fits their own preferences/constraints, thus providing the required flexibility to accommodate students in various programs including those that have co-op and internship options. Accordingly, the students who avail themselves of this option will still be able to graduate in four years provided they take and successfully complete all six courses prior to graduation. Students who take the optional Minor and successfully complete its requirements will have a special designation to that effect appended to their degree title; e.g. Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering with a Minor in Management Sciences), Bachelor of Science (Applied Chemistry and Biology with a Minor in Management Sciences), etc. It is expected that the academic fees for each of the additional courses taken within this optional program will be about $500 per course, approximately.

Only clear or conditional students will be eligible to enroll in the Minor. Furthermore, to continue to be able to take courses within the Minor the students will have to maintain their clear/conditional standing. The CGPA of the students will continue to be calculated based only on their program required courses and a separate CGPA will be computed for the courses that comprise the Minor. Students will continue to be able to graduate only if they achieve a CGPA of 2.0 or more in their program required courses and will only be able to have the additional Minor designation on their degree if they achieve a CGPA of 2.0 or more in the six courses of the Minor.

The courses within the optional Minor cover four major areas in management sciences, namely: Strategic Engineering Management, Operations Management/Operations Research, Financial Sciences, and Organizational Sciences. Each area will have a required course and at least one elective course. The required courses are on Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management, Operations Management, Investment Analysis, and Organization Design & Dynamics. The elective courses span the following topics: Management Information Systems, Operations Research, Managerial Accounting, Project Management, and Construction Management.