Industrial Internship Program

Internship Program (IIP)

The Industrial Internship Program is a three-way partnership of employers, students, and educational institutions that has benefits for all participants. Students gain valuable work experience. Employers benefit from highly motivated students who are available for special projects and peak work-load periods. Ryerson University enhances its reputation for providing career-oriented applied education.

Overview of the Internship Program

Students who have a minimum of 1.67 CGPA can choose to participate in the internship option. This option adds one additional year to a student’s academic program with the incorporation of a 12 to 16-month industrial internship beginning at the end of their third year. Internship students are paid the prevailing wages determined by the employer. At the end of the placement term, a performance evaluation is requested from the employer. At the conclusion of the internship, the student is required to submit a placement report for evaluation by the program department. Throughout the internship period. The internship coordinator of the Department of Civil Engineering acts as a liaison.

Benefits for Internship Employers

The industrial internship program extends the civil engineering bachelor degree to five years. The combination of academic study and work experience offers many benefits to your company:

Students complete three years of academic study that provides a solid base of theory and technical skills before they engage in the internship option.

Students are available on a year-round basis.

The work term is 12 to 16 months thereby providing ample time for internship students to become productive for a longer period of time and thus, lowering your training costs.

Students are available for specific long-term projects or for a series of short-term tasks depending on your needs.

Internship students can be assessed by you for their ability, dependability, and aptitude as potential career employees with your company. Studies have shown that company participation in internship programs reduces costs of employee recruitment and greatly improves the rate of success.

Companies that hire students as part of the internship program are often eligible for financial support through the Ontario Co-operative Education Tax Credit and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Awards. Related information is available from the Co-operative Education Office.

For Additional Information

For additional information about the industrial internship program, please contact:

Dr.Medhat Shehata

IIP Coordinator
Department of Civil Engineering
350 Victoria Street
Toronto, Ontario M5B 2K3
Telephone: (416) 979-5000 ext. 6457
Fax: (416) 979-5122

Dianne Mendonca
Departmental Assistant, Dept. of Civil Engineering
(416) 979-5345, same fax
E-mail is